Course curriculum

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    • Reference Photo & Supply List

    • Drawing (33:36)

    • Painting (28:36)

    • Details (40:36)

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    The Mandalorian

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    Baby Yoda

    • Reference Photo & Supply List

    • Drawing Part 1 (19:44)

    • Drawing Part 2 (14:49)

    • Painting (40:00)

    • Painting Part 2 (21:40)

    • Details (9:52)


Art Teacher and Mixed Media Artist

Megan Gill

I help people get more creative with mixed media art classes. I help women deal with anxiety and stress while exercising their intuition. I want to help people get exactly what they are looking for the perfect gift for someone special. I hope to bring more feminine energy into their lives by classes and home décor. I love teaching art for children and adults at my home and various other places around town. And when I am not teaching or in my home studio I can be found watching TV with my hubby and my puppy Lilly. I also like to read romance novels or business books by the pool on my kindle.

I have a Bachelors of Fine art in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Atlanta. I worked as a web designer teaching and designing hospital websites. Then decided that I needed to do what I loved and became a full time Mixed Media Artist.

Ready to make something?

Join me and learn watercolor techniques.