When you complete the bundle, you will:

  • Be amazed at what you can draw

  • Say I can't believe I did this

  • Improve your painting skills

  • Be more comfortable with art supplies

  • Gain confidence in yourself and skills as an artist.

  • Do something for yourself

  • Have fun

10 Classes

You can watch on your own schedule.


  • Do I have to watch all the classes?

    No, it is designed that you can watch all of them or just one.

  • Do I have to have your exact supplies?

    No, I believe you can make art with whatever you have. I also believe you don't have to have expensive art supplies to make art either. I have made a suggested supply list with links but know they are just suggestions. Use what you have. If you have questions email me and ask. 

  • Am I going to be able to do this?

    Yes, I give you easy straight forward instructions on how to draw and paint. During the class you can ask me all the questions you want. I want you to like your painting at the end and want to help you get there. Even if we need more time you can always ask me questions by email after class. 

  • Can my kids do the class with me?

    100% YES! In a live class I will still make sure they are following along but you might have to assist them a little. I have found kids age 9+ totally can follow along. Younger Arty kids can too but may need a little help. I also do private one-on-one and group classes for kids that are custom for what the kids want to work on, email me for more information. 

  • How long will I have access to the classes?

    You will have access as long as you hold a subscription to the watercolor club.

If you still have questions....

Let's chat, email me all the questions so we can discuss.