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    2. Painting (21:56)

    3. Details (12:46)

    4. Paint more with me!

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Art Teacher and Mixed Media Artist Megan Gill

I help people get more creative with mixed media art classes. I help women deal with anxiety and stress while exercising their intuition. I want to help people get exactly what they are looking for the perfect gift for someone special. I hope to bring more feminine energy into their lives by classes and home décor. I love teaching art for children and adults at my home and various other places around town. And when I am not teaching or in my home studio I can be found watching TV with my hubby and my puppy Lilly. I also like to read romance novels or business books by the pool on my kindle.

I have a Bachelors of Fine art in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Atlanta. I worked as a web designer teaching and designing hospital websites. Then decided that I needed to do what I loved and became a full time Mixed Media Artist.

Ready to make something?

Join me and learn watercolor techniques.

What Others are Saying

Fun & Fast


That class was fun and fast! Thank you for sharing your gifts! You are so encouraging.

Relaxing & Challenging


Megan’s classes are relaxing and challenging at the same time. She doesn’t let me say negative things about my work but makes me step back and look at what I have created and find the things that are positive. She helps me to think outside of myself. Her instructions are clear and yet she leaves room for me to be creative and encourages it. Her voice is soothing and makes me happy.

Great Conversations


Great techniques, great conversations, pretty good end products on our part. We usually "watch and do the 1st time then do again to see if we can do it. Thoroughly enjoy this time with my niece teacher) and my grands!

Fun & Destressing



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